Online Piano Lessons

Online Piano Lessons don’t just work well - they’re better! Using multiple camera angles, you are able to see exactly what I’m playing, whilst clear and perfectly in-sync audio let us hear each other flawlessly. Not only can you learn from your own home and save time and travel costs - you can watch our online lesson back if there's anything at all that you’ve missed!*

I’ve had such huge success online piano lessons, that I now only teach using the online system I have in place. It’s quick to set up, easy to use, and you’ll benefit more from each lesson.

*Lessons are only recorded with your permission, and are available to you for 30 days after each lesson. No-one else can view these and they are not stored on any devices.

The Benefits of Online Piano Lessons

  • Learn from the comfort of your own home
  • No travel time or costs - saving you time and money
  • Online Piano Lessons are proven to be more focused and productive
  • Play on your Piano or Keyboard - the instrument you feel most familiar and comfortable with
  • Watch your online piano lessons back and never miss anything from a lesson ever again
  • Learn faster, without having to share a Piano or Keyboard during the lesson
  • Online Piano Lessons reduce feelings of anxiety, particularly for beginners

Plus, you can have online piano lessons with Beau from anywhere in the world, without having to settle for a local Piano teacher, or a teacher that isn’t suited to what you’d like to learn!

Why Beau for your Online Piano Lessons?

I’m very passionate about teaching and my unconventional approach to teaching has proved to be very successful with my students of all ages and abilities!

I believe that the most important thing about learning a new instrument is to enjoy practicing and playing. In my opinion, this can be easily achieved if you…

  • Play songs that you enjoy listening to, in styles and genres that you relate to!
  • Learn songs that you are familiar with, by your favourite Musicians and Artists
  • Reduce the stress and anxiety of having to make huge amounts of progress each week by setting realistic targets to suit your schedule and lifestyle
  • Understanding everyones goals are very different and lessons must be tailored to suit each individual

All of my lessons are carefully planned to suit you, and every lesson is different. I incorporate more and more interesting and enjoyable aspects of learning the piano in to the lessons each week, and allow you to pick songs that you would like to learn. We will then learn techniques and styles of music specific to songs and genres that you would like to play so that you can play the songs you love sooner.

I’ve been lucky enough to work with many different people and I feel that the root to making great progress on your instrument is enjoying what you play so that practicing is something you love to do.

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Contemporary and Pop Online Piano Lessons

Learning how to play popular music on the Piano is a great way for beginners to start. Learning songs that you’re already familiar with is not only easier, but it makes practicing much more enjoyable.

However, is it is also a fantastic way for experienced players to update their repertoire whilst learning piano techniques specific to current and contemporary music. This can give more experienced players the opportunity to play in bands or accompany themselves, group or solo singers. This opens the door to playing at events and public venues and improve your confidence as a performer.

Most institutions and teachers only provide strict classical piano courses but with Beau, you are welcome to improve your piano skills in the style that you are interested in. Playing pop piano is greatly enjoyable and is certainly a fantastic genre to learn.

Would you like to play like Alicia Keys, Elton John or Stevie Wonder?

You will usually find a much greater feeling of pride and enjoyment when you master how to play your favourite songs. Not only will you enjoy practicing, but your friends and family will also love hearing you play.

Write Pop songs like the Professionals…

Learning how to play in the style of your favourite contemporary Pianists is also a fantastic way to train your ear and understand popular chord progressions and arrangements. Writing songs will consequently become much easier as you’ll understand what it takes to develop and structure chord progressions. Popular melodies will also become easier to recite, and hearing songs on the radio and playing them without sheet music can be easy with the right training and practice!

Perform Live, Accompany Yourself or Join a Band!…

As it’s name suggests, ‘Pop’ is the go-to choice of music for most small venues, clubs, pubs and bars. At a grass roots level, this gives amateur musicians the opportunity to perform to crowds of music fans without being a world-class virtuoso. The genre of Pop music is regularly the starting point for new performers, and if you know that you want to perform on stages or be in a band, popular music is a great place to start.

Work towards a career in music…

Thousands of Musicians take to stages every week, up and down the country, at concerts and events. They play to widely different standards and different audiences, but a lot of them have one thing in common - it’s their job! With practice and dedication, everyone has the ability to become the musician they’ve always wanted to be and turn their hobby into their full-time profession. This may seem farfetched - but I’ve worked with countless musicians of all ages that have left their day jobs to pursue successful careers in music.

Jazz, Blues and 'Boogie Woogie’ Online Piano Lessons

Jazz, Blues and ‘Boogie Woogie’ are among my some of my favourite styles of Piano playing. I particularly enjoy teaching in these styles and sadly, this sort of tuition is not regularly offered to beginner and intermediate players due to it’s difficulty.

However, there are ways you can still play this type of music even as a beginner and with your dedication and practice, we can work on the Piano styles of Ray Charles, Oscar Peterson, Little Richard and many more to develop you into a great Jazz, Blues or ‘Boogie Woogie’ Pianist.

Alternatively, if you feel you are an advanced Piano player that would like to develop yourself in this genre, there too will be much you can benefit from!

Should I Take Piano Grades?

I never put pressure on my students to take Grades or Exams on the Piano if they don’t want to. Under most circumstances, Grades will not make you a better Musician, nor will they make you progress any faster. Sometimes they can actually slow your progression by leaving you to work on the same scales and pieces for months on end - which doesn’t support my ethos for enjoyable learning.

However, they can be character building and sometimes the pressure of performing in front of an adjudicator can be a beneficial experience. If you’re looking to study at University, they can also offer UCAS points to support your application.

As an experienced professional musician, I have never been asked what grade I am on any instrument. If I had no grades, it wouldn’t have held me back in any way in the professional environment I have worked in.

If doing gradings is something you’re passionate about achieving, then I’m happy to work on those with you! If you decide that they’re not for you, then that’s fine too - the choice is yours!